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Exotic holidays…

THEME NIGHTThursday 18th & Friday 19th July Take a trip with us as we bring you dishes from exotic locations around the world at our next theme night! From the zesty and aromatic spices of Mexico to the vibrant and fresh flavours of the Caribbean, our talented chefs have curated a menu that promises to… Continue reading Exotic holidays…

Flavours from John O’Groats to Lands End

THEME NIGHTThursday 13th & Friday 14th June Whether you’re a foodie adventurer or a lover of classic British cuisine, our ‘Flavours from John O’Groats to Lands End’ theme night promises an incredible experience for your palate.   This exclusive event will take you on a unique gastronomic journey across the length of the UK, from… Continue reading Flavours from John O’Groats to Lands End

A Celebration of Spring

THEME NIGHTThursday 2nd & Friday 3rd May Our next theme night centres on the most lively, vibrant season of the year, showcasing the best of what nature has to offer in Spring. Join us in celebrating the arrival of spring with a tantalising seven-course journey through the season’s most delightful produce. From the first bite to the… Continue reading A Celebration of Spring

Portuguese Night in Shevington

JUNIPER PORTUGUESE EVENINGThursday 21st & Friday 22nd March Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating the vibrant culture, warm hospitality and rich flavours of Portugal, all served up with our unique flair. Portugal’s rich food heritage has been built over centuries, known for its fresh ingredients from both land and sea, each Portuguese dish tells… Continue reading Portuguese Night in Shevington

Theme Night in Shevington

SEVEN DECADES- 22nd/23rd February Join us on a unique culinary adventure that will take you on a tantalising trip of nostalgia – our upcoming ‘7 Decades’ theme night dedicated to celebrating wonderful food from across seven memorable decades. From the charm of the 1940s to the vibrant 2000s, we have crafted an exquisite menu that… Continue reading Theme Night in Shevington

Chinese Night in Shevington

A TASTE OF CHINA- 25th/26th January Prepare to embark on a mouth-watering expedition into the rich, diverse world of Chinese cuisine… Forget the more familiar Chow Mein, as we transport you to the bustling streets of China to enjoy real delicacies such as Lanzhou Lamian, Hǎixiān Zhēng lóng, and Lán yěyā cài. Experience a journey… Continue reading Chinese Night in Shevington

Theme Night in Shevington

TASTE OF AMERICA 23rd/24th November Forget your preconceptions of American cuisine! Join us to experience a taste of the wide variety of American dishes. We’ve handpicked some of the most famous foods from across the Atlantic and given them the exclusive ‘Juniper twist’. As always, to complement your culinary journey, we’ve selected some fine wines and drinks to… Continue reading Theme Night in Shevington

French Night in Shevington

A TASTE OF FRANCE- 22nd/23rd June Are you ready to indulge in a night of French fabulousness at Juniper? We’re talking about the kind of night where you’ll be saying “ooh la la” after every bite! Join us on the 22nd/23rd of June for an evening filled with delicious French delicacies that will make your taste… Continue reading French Night in Shevington

Italian Night in Shevington

A TASTE OF ITALY- 18th/19th May Our Spanish night was a fantastico success, and now we’re excited to take you on our next culinary adventure to the land of la dolce vita – Italy! Get ready to indulge in a night of authentic Italian flavours with our specially crafted menu, featuring exquisite dishes like our… Continue reading Italian Night in Shevington

Spanish Night in Shevington

A SPANISH FLAVOUR FIESTA – 20th/21st April The team in the kitchen loves to get creative and bring guests NEW and exciting dishes, and what better way to do this than with a themed evening (or two!). We’ve taken the taste of Spain and given it a Juniper twist. A superb Tapas Selection, Paella bursting… Continue reading Spanish Night in Shevington